Spanish Courses

Courses are taught via conference call.

All levels and all needs

Small groups

Amazing teachers

Interactive and cultural approach

ECO | DIALOGA Spanish for Oral Communication - 150$ CA

Develops oral communication skills for travel and conversation. Course for beginners. 2 hrs. / session 6 sessions

Comprehensive Spanish and Culture Program - 600$ CA

To develop listening, reading comprehension, oral and written production, through the explicit integration of Latin American culture. 60 hrs. / module

Latin-American culture and current affairs 150$ CA - 300$ CA

Enrich your knowledge of Spanish-speaking culture. 2 hrs. / session 6 or 12* sessions

Conversation and grammar workshops - 150$ CA - 300$ CA

To consolidate fluency, vocabulary and grammatical precision. 2 hrs. / session 6 or 12* sessions

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We are together even at a distance.

Distance learning courses

The health of our students is a priority that’s why we maintain the courses via videoconference.

The teacher is still there, accompanying the learning process.