Conversation, Grammar, Reading and Writing Workshops

Workshops for people with a basic knowledge of Spanish
Placement test required for non-beginners l Registration open

Conversation workshops

Consolidate fluency, vocabulary, grammatical precision through guided and semi-spontaneous oral production tasks (role playing, presentations, interview, etc.) We offer 6 consecutive levels , from low intermediate to superior,12 weeks each.

Grammar workshops

Work and solve complex problems, doubts and grammatical errors most common for each level in oral and written activities. 7 consecutive levels from basic to superior, 12 weeks each.

Reading workshops

Develop reading comprehension, historical analysis and carry out free conversation about the selected literary works. 6 week course, 2 hours per week.

Writing workshops

In this course, students will develop expository and argumentative writing, use spelling and punctuation rules, as well as a variety of discourse markers. All this in a pleasant environment, thanks to a method that combines a theoretical approach with practical exercises. 6 week course, 2 hours per week.


  • 12 or 6 weekly sessions (24 or 12 hours)
  • 2 hours, once a week
  • Material included
  • Available schedules: morning, after-noon and evening
  • Small groups
  • Highly qualified Spanish-speaking teachers
  • In-person and online classes

Cultural immersion

  • Reading and Poetry Workshops
  • Coffee-chat
  • “Bohemian evenings”
  • Choir and theatre


  • Experiential-meaningful
  • Thematic modules in sequence
  • Oral practical approach
  • Participatory task orientation
  • Dynamic


  • Highly qualified Spanish-speaking teachers
  • Access to books and movies in Spanish
  • Platform for practice
  • Classes via web to continue your learning
  • Special offers available
  • Free cultural activities

Course periods

Winter 2023:
  • From January 30 to April 28
  • Registration Deadline: January 20
  • 12 weeks

Spring 2022:
  • May 9th to June 20th
  • 12 weeks : From May 9th to August 5th

Summer 2022:
  • June 27th to August 5th

Fall 2022:
  • September 12th to October 24th
  • October 31st to December 9th
  • 12 weeks : From September 12th to December 5th

Cost : $320 for 24 hour courses | $162.50 for 12 hour courses

If you are interested in our courses or activities, please contact us