Latin-American Culture and Current Affairs

Courses for people with knowledge of Spanish
Placement tests required for non-beginners
Enrich your knowledge of Spanish-speaking culture


  • 6 or 12 sessions of 2 hours, once a week
  • Various themes
  • Material included
  • Available schedules: morning, after-noon and evening
  • Small groups
  • Highly qualified Spanish-speaking teachers
  • In-person and online classes

Cultural immersion

  • Reading and poetry workshops
  • Coffee-chat
  • "Bohemian evenings”
  • Choir and theatre


  • Lectures
  • Participative and communicative approach
  • Authentic cultural content
  • Dynamic


  • Access to books and movies from the library and in digital format
  • Classes via internet to continue your learning
  • Special offers available
  • Free cultural activities
  • Participation in the theatre group and the choir (Optional)

Course periods

Winter 2023:
  • From January 30th to April 28th
  • Winter 1: From January 30th to March 17th .
  • Winter 2: From March 20th to May 5th.

Spring 2023:
  • From May 8th to June 19th
  • From May 8th to August 31st

Summer 2023:
  • June 26th to August 4th

Fall 2023:
  • September 11th to December 5th
  • Fall 1: From September 11th to October 23rd
  • Fall 2: From October 30th to December 8th

Available workshops

Mexico City with all our senses
(Intermediate level)

    Mexico City, one of the largest and most populous capitals in the world, is a place where history, architecture, art, science, gastronomy and much more come together and coexist. This course will allow us to learn about pre-Hispanic life in Mexico-Tenochtitlán; tour the colonial streets of New Spain; get lost in some of its more than 130 museums; be amazed by its vibrant University City, a source of knowledge, culture, science and technology; as well as marvel at its architectural wealth; have fun with its daily sounds and, of course, fall in love with its gastronomic universe.

    Teacher: Verónica Lomelí


    Term: Winter 2 2023

    Schedule: From March 23 to April 27 (Winter 2): March 23 to April 27 (Winter 2)

    Prerequisite: Level A2, Basic Grammar, PIEC 3 or Placement test

    6 weeks


Mezcal, a drink of time and patience (on-line)
(Advanced level)

    During this course the public will learn about the famous distillate, as well as distinguish the different varieties and their difference with tequila. A historical, biological and economic analysis will be carried out to know about sustainable production. Some of the topics that will be addressed are: the maguey and alcoholic beverages in ancient Mexico, geography, history, tradition and daily life; extraordinary distilled mezcal: types of agave, differences between tequila and mezcal, productive analysis process; Denomination of Origin, and valuation of mezcal in the export market; decalogue of a mezcolatrá, contemporary production, cocktails and mixology; poetry and short film.

    Teacher: Juan Felipe Ramos Amezcua


    Term: Winter 2 2023

    Schedule: From March 22 to April 26 (Winter 2): Wednesday, 6 to 8 p.m. (on-line)

    Prerequisite: Level B2 or advanced, or Placement test

    6 weeks


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