Music, dance and Spanish: all to talk about Mexican music

Improve your Spanish, live and have fun to the rhythm of Mexican popular music!

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An intensive in-person course aimed at non-Spanish speakers that combines Mexican culture and the Spanish language in a practical and theoretical way, without academic pretensions, more of an informative type, but with study support and a lot of enthusiasm, rhythm and fun. [1]



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From January 14 to February 3, 2024, three weeks in Taxco and Mexico City.

Cost: $2370.00 [2]

Pre-registration deadline: December 6, 2023  [3]

Deposit: $150. (If the course is cancelled, your deposit is transferred to a Spanish or culture course at UNAM-Canada)

Limited places: 15 participants

Schedule: Monday to Friday 9 am to 1 pm. Extramural activities and educational excursions are included in places of historical, cultural, tourist and comfort interest for the student in order to stimulate conversation in Spanish in authentic environments.

Spanish for foreigners (basic, intermediate and advanced): 8 sessions = 12 hours.

Mexican popular music: 8 sessions = 12 hours

Dance workshops: 6 sessions = 12 hours

Cine-club: 3 sessions = 6 hours

Program enrollment requirements

    • Be over 18 years of age
    • Send a copy of a valid passport and proof of medical insurance (valid for the study period) to
    • Deposit payment to UNAM-Canada.
    • Take the placement exam (only for students not from UNAM-Canada). Individual (oral and written). Contact Maria Jesus Ventoso at
    • When registering with CEPE-Taxco:
      • Show the original passport and leave a copy of the document.
      • Show the FMM immigration form (for all foreign visitors), received and filled out when entering Mexico.
      • Pay the rest of the total cost: by credit card or bank transfer.

* CEPE Taxco 2022 students will receive a registration discount of $120 when enrolling in the program.

Program cost includes:

    • Registration, tuition, ID, and materials
    • 3 levels: basic, intermediate and advanced
    • 12 hours of dynamic Spanish language classes
    • 12 hours of Mexican Music Culture lessons
    • 12 hours of Mexican Folkdance and Latin rhythms
    • 3 sessions of Mexican classic film screenings on music culture
    • Round transfer between Mexico City Airport & Taxco
    • Welcome breakfast, orientation and Taxco guided city tour
    • 1 week of lodging in Mexico City (Historic Center)
    • 5 music scene experiences (Garibaldi Square & Fine Arts Palace, etc.)
    • Assorted guided visits to museums and landmarks in Mexico City
  • Lodging (Options for the two weeks in Taxco) [4]:
    • Casa Robin residence of CEPE – Taxco, hotels, with families
    • cost for two weeks is approximately CAD $350-600.

*UNAM Canada students enrolled in CEPE Taxco 2022 program get a discount of $120 CAD (registration fee).

[1] The program raises the student's level of Spanish; but it does not correspond to the courses at UNAM-Canada. The student can take a placement exam upon returning to UNAM-Canada.

[2] Does not include Canada-Mexico-Canada air transport, nor accommodation in Taxco (hotel, residence or family).

[3] The program is to be confirmed one month before the courses start.

[4] CEPE-Taxco supervises the quality and safety of this accommodation, however, it does not guarantee the service of the houses or the coexistence with the families, with the exception of Casa Robin, which is operated by CEPE-Taxco itself.

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