PUMA English Courses

Spanish-speaking people who want to live an experience in linguistic immersion in Canada.
Improve fluency and confidence when communicatin orally in an English-speaking context.
Better understanding of Canadian culture from an intercultural perspective.
Placement test for non-beginners.


  • 7 oral levels of 75 hours each, inspired by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Each level comprises of an "English in Context" workshop, a "Canadian Culture" workshop and academic-cultural activities.
  • Canadian teachers with training and experience in teachin second languages
  • Personalized attention (small groups with an average of 7 to 11 students)


  • A task-based approach (interactive communicative activities in class)
  • Functional English for the immersion context.
  • Interculturality
  • Continuous correction of errors and feedback in class.

Cultural immersion

  • Academic-cultural activities and talks with cultural ambassadors integrated into the study program.
  • Mobility fair with representatives of Canadian universities.


  • Access to books and movies in English
  • Moodle platform
  • Medical insurance included
  • Participation in the theatre group and choir (optional)

Course period

Winter 2021: Yes
Spring 2021: No
Summer 2021: Yes
Fall 2021: No

Registration suspended until further notice


Level A1

  • Exchange personal information
  • Describe preferences, routines and surroundings.

Level B1

  • Exchange information on familiar matters.
  • Describe personal experiences, events, feelings, and plans. .
  • Offer brief opinions using strategic competencies

Level C1.1

  • Exchange viewpoints on complex subjects for social and formal purposes using strategic competencies.

Level A2

  • Exchange personal information.
  • Describe preferences, routines, surroundings, requests, obligations, needs, plans and arrangements.

Level B2

  • Report and exchange opinions on general topics using strategic competencies.

Level C1.2

  • Exchange viewpoints on complex subjects for highly demanding formal, academic and professional purposes using strategic competencies.

Level B3

  • Report and exchange opinions on work-related and abstract topics using strategic competencies.

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