Spanish Course for Oral Communication (ECO)

Spanish for beginners I Develop oral communication skills for travel and conversation.
Placement test required for non-beginners


  • 5 sequential modules
  • 6 weeks (12 hours) by module
  • 2 hours, once a week
  • Material included
  • Available schedules: morning, after-noon and evening
  • Small groups
  • Highly qualified Spanish-speaking teachers
  • In-person and online classes


  • Experiential-meaningful
  • Thematic modules in sequence.
  • Oral practical approach
  • Participatory task orientation
  • Dynamic

Cultural immersion

  • Reading and Poetry Workshops
  • Coffee-chat
  • “Bohemian evenings”


  • Highly qualified Spanish-speaking teachers
  • Access to books and movies in Spanish
  • Platform for practice
  • Classes via web to continue your learning
  • Special offers available
  • Free cultural activities

Course periods

Winter 2022:
  • January 24th to March 11th
  • March 14th to April 29th

Spring 2022:
  • May 9th to June 20th

Summer 2022:
  • June 27th to August 5th

Fall 2022:
  • September 12th to October 24th
  • October 31st to December 9th


Módulo A

  • Basic formulas for greetings
  • Talking of oneself and of the immediate social environment
  • Describe personal tastes

Módulo B
“Mi gente”

  • Structures to speak of states of mind (emotions)
  • Physical and personality description.
  • Describe leisure activities and personal plans

Módulo C
“Mi ciudad”

  • Express desires, preferences and opinions
  • Locate places; location and positions
  • Give information on means of transportation

Módulo D
“Nuestros viajes”

  • Necessary expressions to expose preferences and to select a trip
  • Make travel preparations (reservations, accommodation and transport)
  • Review weather and accommodation before a trip

Módulo E
“Situaciones de emergencia”

  • A review of expressions to ask help and transmit immediate needs
  • Expressions used in different situation of emergency
  • Vocabulary for: recuperating personal objects and expressing physical discomfort to a doctor

Dialoga in Spanish

Courses for people with a basic knowledge of Spanish (Level A1 or ECO)
Placement test required for non-beginners
Registration open


Módulo 1
    “Mi estancia en México”

  • Make recommendations
  • esign a living space and find a roommate
  • Describe one’s classmates
  • Make invitations and presentations at different levels of formality

Módulo 2
“De fiesta en México”

  • Plan a day in the Mexican city
  • Prepare food for a party

Módulo 3
“A jugar BASTA y a contar historias”

  • Talk about activities of interest
  • Find solutions for some problems

Módulo 4
“Cuentos y recuerdos”

  • Talk about history
  • Tell real or fabricated anecdotes

Módulo 5
“Imaginemos nuestro futuro”

  • Design and present an advertising campaign
  • Talk about the future

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