1. Hello, I am looking to take a spanish class in the evenings this fall. I have taken first year spanish at university a few years ago, but now am looking to improve on this. My studies are in international affairs and I have a particular interest in Latin America, so I am looking to become conversational and able to read academic texts. I’m located in Ottawa, by Dows Lake, and will be working 8-4 in the fall, so am looking for an evening or weekend class.


  2. Hello,
    I am looking to take french courses. Is there going to be something during the fall? if so, where can I check schedules and costs? I live in Ottawa and already speak Spanish.

  3. Hola buen día, estoy buscando un curso de inglés para el mes de septiembre , muchas gracias.

    • Hola Isolina, lamentablemente no ofrecemos cursos para grupos en el mes de septiembre. Nuestra próxima sesión de cursos es en enero 2020.
      Saludos y lindo dia.

    • Hola Isolina, gracias por escribirnos. Una pregunta, eres estudiante o profesora de la DGECI? Saludos y linda tarde

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